How to Decide Between Term and Whole Life Insurance

by Joel Dansby* on Aug 4, 2020

Once the need for life insurance is determined, the discussion almost invariably turns to the choice of term life insurance versus whole life or permanent insurance. Any comparison of the two, however, is like considering apples and oranges with each satisfying very specific needs, preferences and priorities.

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Our Biggest Financial Challenges are often Self-Inflicted

by Joel Dansby* on Jul 28, 2020

In many respects, people can be their own worst enemies in their quest for financial security. When you consider that our lives are nothing more than a culmination of the decisions we make each day, if we tend to make more bad decisions than good decisions, or worse, if we can’t make decisions at all, it’s should be no surprise when financial security  remains elusive.

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Universal Life Insurance Explained

by Joel Dansby* on Jul 21, 2020

Universal life insurance was launched in the early 1980’s at a time when interest rates were historically high and its forebear, whole life insurance couldn’t satisfy consumer appetites for high returns that were available in bank CDs and money market accounts.  Universal life offered an alternative means to purchase a permanent form of life insurance that also provided flexibi

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Life Insurance and Annuities for True Lifetime Protection

by Joel Dansby* on Jun 2, 2020

It is not often that the topics of life insurance and annuities are brought up in the same discussion, primarily because they serve two very distinct purposes. Although they are both products of life insurance companies, life insurance policies are protection against dying too soon, and annuities are protection against living to long.

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Investment Tips for All Seasons

by Joel Dansby* on May 30, 2020


If you’ve been investing in stocks or bonds for several years, you may feel like you’re beginning to get a hang of this precarious trade. At this point, you may be making plans to diversify your portfolio or research a more complex investment strategy. But in reality, you should be using this time to get back to the basics.

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How to Look for Investing Opportunities during the COVID-19 Crisis

by Joel Dansby* on May 26, 2020


With a new bear market settling in, new opportunities for a prosperous investment can feel few and far between. However, this current bear market caused by the COVID-19 crisis feels like a new beast entirely. In many ways, the US’ economy has been turned upside-down by this infectious disease. So, where are you supposed to turn to make an even moderately successful investment?

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What are your Portfolio Performance Expectations?

by Fiona Leung on May 19, 2020

In the story of Alice in Wonderland, Alice arrives at a fork in the road and wonders aloud which road to take. A smiling Cheshire Cat appears and asks her what her destination is, to which she replies, “I don’t know.” The toothy cat then proffers the only possible response, “Well, then it doesn’t matter.”

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Establishing Goals for Your Estate Plan

by Fiona Leung on May 16, 2020

Most people think estate planning is only for wealthy people.  Certainly, the 55% of Americans who died without a will thought so, even though all of their estates ended up in probate court subject to the laws of the state.  Sadly, the surviving families were thrust into a situation that resulted in unnecessary distress, expense and, for many of them, devastating financial consequence

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Are My Social Security Benefits Taxable?

by Fiona Leung on May 5, 2020

The quick answer is “it depends.”  But, for the 33 percent of retirees who now rely more heavily on their Social Security benefits to sustain their lifestyle, the answer takes on even more significance.  Generally, your income from Social Security is not taxable on its own; but when it’s combined with other sources of income for tax reporting purposes, a porti

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